Self Paced Learning SPL

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Workshops SPL

From time to time Yoga Education Collective offers workshops focussing on particular practices. These are free (except if noted) and are open to people who have registered for and attended our courses. The aim is to explore practices in greater depth and to open discussion in the subject.

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8 Lessons

Light on Hatha Yoga. Module 1. 2022 SPL

Module 1 is now Self Paced Learning. Module 2 will be held at the end of 2023. TBA. A textual study of Upadeśa (Chapter) 1 and 2 of Svātmārāmas Haṭha Pradīpikā, a 15th Century Yoga Text on Haṭha Yoga. Join Harsh, a scholar and practitioner of yoga from Kaivalyadhama, for this opportunity to study the Sanskrit text and explore Haṭha Yogas most celebrated scripture.

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11 Lessons

Pranayama Teacher Training. Level 1. 2023 SPL

Self Paced Learning (SPL). In this six-week course you will learn that Pranayama, a foundational practice of both the Ashtanga and Hatha schools of Yoga, prepares the body, nervous system, and mind for one-pointed concentration, leading to deeper levels of realizations about oneself.

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10 Lessons

The Serpent Power. 2022 SPL

Self Paced Learning: The Sanskrit work Satcakranirupana — Description of the Six Cakras — deals with Kundalini Yoga. The translation by Sir John Woodroffe is known as The Serpent Power. The course will help to understand the philosophical foundations of the practices and the purpose of Hatha Yoga.

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9 Lessons

The Om Sadhana Course. 2022 SPL

Self Paced Learning: Bhakti Yoga is considered one of the most easy and effective ways of yoga sādhanā. Inviting yoga practitioners, teachers, scholars and all spiritual seekers to an inquiry into Īśvara and Praṇava (Vācya - Vācaka Saṃbandha) as described by Patañjali in the Samādhi Pāda. We will study the relevant sūtras and practice praṇava japa daily to assimilate the teachings and continue our svādhyāya. Each session will begin with the study of the scripture followed by Om chanting. We will increase one round of chanting daily till we reach 108 chants on the final day (one round consisting of 12 repetitions). Chanting Om is a form of praise of the Almighty and when done collectively in a devotional way, our journey towards integration of the personality and Self realization is expedited immensely. Dates and Timing: Thursday, July 14th until Friday, July 22nd 11am EST 5pm CET 8:30pm IST 30 mins daily, last session will be 45 mins

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